Landscape Weed Fabric Roll - 1.153M x 45M

Golden Select Landscape Weed Fabric is an easy-to-install weed barrier that can be used anywhere from ones garden beds and residential lawns, to under patios, decks, and pavers. Made of non-woven point-bonded polypropylene, it is able to effectively stop weeds from growing without the use of chemicals, while still letting air and water through allowing for proper circulation of nutrients. With its strong UV resistance, Golden Select Landscape Weed Fabric is not only tough, but durable enough for use in any climate. This product includes 28 anchor pins.
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Type: Landscape Weed Fabric roll
Size: 1.153 m x 45 m / 3.78ft. x 147.63 ft.
Features: UV resistance; ; 28 Anchor Pins; Lead-free
Weight: 60 g. per sq. m
Roll Coverage: 51.88 m2 / 558.48 sq. ft. per roll
Materials: Non-woven Polypropylene
Warranty: 20 year residential
Item Number: 77GEO0402