Chelsea- Artificial Grass Custom Roll

Golden Select artificial grass is a durable and realistic looking grass that enhances the look of any outdoor space. Simple to install and easy to maintain, Golden Select grass is a great alternative that saves time and energy on yearly lawn maintenance and stays beautiful no matter the weather or season. The product is perfect for any climate with an all-weather rating, and features UVA & UVB resistance to maintain the grass color over time. Golden Select Artificial Grass has a perforated backer to allow for proper water drainage.
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Type: Artificial Grass Custom Roll
Size: 4.57 m x 0.31 m / 15 ft. x 1 ft. (Minimum).
Features: All weather rating (rain, snow, sun); UVA & UVB resistance; perforated backer; 20 U-Nails; Lead-free
Pile Height: 4.45 cm / 1.75"
Materials: Polyethylene and polypropylene grass with polyurethane backer
Warranty: 10 year residential
Item Number: 77GRA0022